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Escape's formulation will be positioned as a premium product under the brand Neurox™ for treatment of muscular spasticity and wrinkle reduction. Attributes of our target formulation include: 1) longer duration of effect, 2) increased potency with a lower effective dose, 3) increased safety and improved side effect profile, and 4) reduced rate of immunogenicity. With an improved therapeutic index relative to Botox, Neurox will represent a significant advancement as a treatment option for patients suffering from a variety of neuromuscular-related chronic diseases shown in the below table.

Indication Cases in US
Congenital torticollis 80,000
Cervical dystonia 165,000
Strabismus 160,000
Blepharospasm 25,000
Hyperhidrosis 3,000,000
Chronic spinal cord injury 253,000
Acute spinal cord injury 12,000
spasticity 3,400,000
Total patients in US 7,095,000

An initial pilot study was completed at Stanford University and its results published in the prestigious Dermatologic Surgery journal in 2007 . Escape is currently conducting additional preclinical animal studies to optimize the Neurox™ formulation and to further strengthen and expand its intellectual property position.

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