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Previous work has shown that the synthetic polymer poloxamer forms a low immunogenicity, but mechanically strong scaffold that can be used to construct artificial skin. However, its bioactivity is relatively low due to its nonionic nature. To overcome this limitation, we developed a hybrid hydrogel, known as MorphoGel™, and showed it supports xenogeneic human MSC engraftment in vivo (Hantash, patent pending & Biomaterials, In press). MorphoGel has numerous uses including serving as a non-immunogenic bioactive extracellular matrix for creation of Escape's ESC-derived bilayered skin substitute. MorphoGel will also be supplied in research and cGMP grades for 2-D and 3-D culture of MSCs, ESCs, and other somatic and stem cells used for tissue engineering applications.

MorphoGel™ features are indicated below:

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