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March 30, 2009

Escape to serve as only industry host for SJSU SCILL Program.
The San Josť State University Consortium for Stem Cell Internships in Laboratory-based Learning (SCILL) Program provides coursework towards a Master's degree in the Department of Biological Sciences (Master of Arts or Master of Biotechnology) at San Jose State University and a 12-month, full-time internship in stem cell research in one of four host institutions. The other three host institutions are Stanford University, the University of California Santa Cruz, and the Parkinsonís Institute. The program is set to begin June 1, 2009, and will last a total of 3 years. Escape expects to host 7-10 of the 30 total interns in the program, and will provide the only industry-focused biotechnology training experience amongst all the host institutions. For further information, contact us at and check the following links: or

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