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April 1, 2007

Escape scientist develops a novel enhanced formulation of botulinum toxin.
In previous studies, researchers demonstrated that epinephrine decreases the absorption of local anesthetics while enhancing their potency. Dr. Basil M. Hantash, an Instructor in the Department of Dermatology and Division of Plastic Surgery at Stanford University, completed a split-face randomized double-blind study to determine the effect of epinephrine on the efficacy of botulinum toxin treatment of muscle hyperactivity in the upper face. The effect of botulinum toxin on periorbital muscle activity was compared to botulinum toxin plus epinephrine. The data suggests that addition of epinephrine or other adrenergic modulators and/or vasoconstrictors may accelerate the rate of onset as well as the short term efficacy of botulinum toxin for treatment of periorbital rhytides.

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